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Here are the workshops we have done in the past: 

  • Relationship and Communication Workshops:
    • The Basics of Good Communication
    • Getting What you Want in Sex, Love, and Relationships
    • The Bicycle of Communication - A Model of how to Communicate for what you Want
    • Boundary Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
    • How to Survive the Holidays
    • How to Talk about Sex and What you Want out of it
    • Heart to Heart to Heart - Small Group Communication Skills for Polyamorous Families


  • Consent Workshops:
    • What is it and how to do it.
    • Why do we need to talk about Consent?
    • Consent in a Sex Positive World
    • Consent and Negotiation


  • "Sex Talks" -  a series of presentations and workshops designed to improve understanding, increase available knowledge, and reduce oppression (both external and internalized) around issues of sex and sexual identity.
    • An Introduction: An opening discussion of sexual issues focused around the difficulties we have talking about sex, how to talk about it, sex-positivity, and identity. See the video at: "Sex Talks" - An Introduction
    • Sexual Identity - 31 Flavors and More: This introduction to the complexity of sexual identity issues will look at a wide variety of ways sex can be viewed and open discussion on how to work with people who may identify differently.
    • Sex on the Couch - Treating Clients from a Sex-Positive Perspective: This workshop focuses on helping professionals work with clients from a wide range of identity possibilities in a healthy, accepting, and positive way. Together we will unpack the fascinating and tricky issues of working from a Sex-Positive Perspective.
    • What is Sex and all of it's Wonderous Variations
    • How to Approach People for Sex
    • The Ins and Outs of Polyamory
    • What is BDSM Anyway?
    • Using Imagination Play to Spice Up your Sex Life


  • Sex and Gender:
    • What is Gender? It can be difficult to talk about Gender. This 2 hour workshop introduces the topic, discusses how gender and sex are different, looks at different gender variations, and explores how to talk about it.
    • How to Talk about Coming Out
    • What is Sexuality?
    • What is Bisexuality?


  • And lots more to come...

Please contact Sar to schedule a workshop for your organization, inquire about space for a current workshop, or if you have any questions.

 Sar Surmick, LMFTA