Sar Surmick, LMFTA
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Sar Surmick

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Significant Connections Counseling

Significant Connections Counseling specializes in helping people from the Polyamory, LGBTQ, Queer, Pagan, and Kink communities.

We work with individuals from who are dealing with a wide variety of issues from depression and anxiety, to questions of identity and confusion about one’s place in life.

We work with couples from many different lifestyles who are struggling with their relationship and want to improve it. Sometimes these are issues of communication. Sometimes it’s an issue around sex and sexuality. And sometimes people just know that something isn’t working and need some help to figure out what that is.

We work with groups and families who face challenges around specific issues and those who are trying to learn how to communicate better with one another. We work with a wide range of groups, relationship styles, and family structures to promote healthy and effective interactions.

We hold a variety of workshops, both educational and skills based. See below for details and what we’re currently offering.